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Our Services.

Dozens Studio was established to provide various branding strategies, which aims to help your business grow through creative and straight forward services. We make sure what you want is what you got, even beyond.


Photography is the art of both taking and processing photographs. What our eyes perceive, is what your soul believes. We trust that picture is a universal language which it can speak as good as (or better than) words.

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Why are you in tears when you watch a sad movie? Why are you laughing when you watch something funny? Notice the word "watch", a verb when visuals touch human senses. As emotions play an important role in visuals, Dozens Studio is here to touch your customer's hearts & minds.


As the era evolves, we believe social media is currently the most run-off-the-mill platform where people devote their time. Instagram is undoubtedly not just a media to socialize. It is a place to study, to teach, to buy, to sell, and the list goes on. Together, let’s have creative brainstorms without forgoing what’s in the norm.

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Great businesses don't just sell products, they sell the brand. Your customers don't just buy your products, they buy experiences, feelings, and stories. Your logo, tagline, colours that represent who your business is.

We always begin with a question, 'If your brand is a person, who is he? Wait, is it a he or a she?'

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Graphic design with a twist. A little magic we do to make your campaign design looks more alive by adding enough sound and motion to it. Motion graphic is one way to deepen your brand’s campaign story, and we ought to deliver it clearly/smoothly/ remarkably.

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